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Abandoning Sound Principles Leads to Error

The Acceptable Year of the Lord

All Things Are For Your Sakes

All Things Are Made New

Almighty God Gets What He Wants

Angels of the Lord Encamp Around the Saints

A Time for Every Purpose

Another Jesus – Babylon’s False Christ

Avoiding the Wrath of God?

Axe Head Raised Up and Floats


The True Baptism of Christ – Part 1

The True Baptism of Christ – Part 2

Bearing the Marks of Christ – Defending the Gospel

Being Taught by Him – All Shall Know the Lord

Beware Lasciviousness

Blessed is the Man (or Woman)

The Blessing of God’s Election

C and D

Called, Chosen and Made Faithful   

Carnal Questions That Demand Answers

Casting Out Demons and Evil Spirits

Christ Builds His Church

Christ’s Coming to Fulfill the Promise

Christ and His Christ in OT  Shadows

Coming War Against the Midianites (carnal thoughts)

Consuming Fire of God

Guarding Against Deception  **new

Deliverance From Unbelief

Differences in Gospel Accounts

Dying to the Flesh  **new

Dying to Death – The Second Death

The Dogs Within Us

Drinking of the Cup of the Lord 

Drinking the Lord’s Wrath

E, F, and  G

The End of Pursuing Knowledge

Enemies Left in the Promised Land

Entering the Kingdom of God

Eternal Judgment – What Does This Really Mean?

Everlasting Fire Prepared for Satan

Evil Spirits – Various Types – A Primer

Exposing the Trinity Doctrine

Faith Towards God – What is it?

Faith Comes By Hearing

Fallacy of Freewill in the Old Testament

Feeding on the Mountain of the Lord

Feeling Unworthy of God’s Choosing

First and Last: Alpha and Omega


Gideon’s Signs of the Fleece

Go and Preach the Gospel

God Delivers On His Covenant Promises

God is Faithful

God of the Living not of the Dead

Growing Our Faith

H, I, J, K

Heeding the Lord’s Commandments in Faith

How Great is that Darkness

Is, Was and Will Be – Correcting What This Really Means

Intimacy with the Body of Christ, Raises Our Dead

King Jeroboam Causes Israel to Sin

Judging Righteous Judgment

Judging Righteously in the Appointed Times

Jerusalem Above and Below

The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength

Keeping Special Days, Months, Times and Years

Killing the Moabites Within Us

Knowing No Man After the Flesh

Knowing the Lord


Learning by Examining Ourselves Within

Lord’s Plan for Babylon

Lost House of Israel

Lying Signs and Wonders

M, N, O, P

Man’s Role in Salvation

Marriage – The Very High Calling

Marriage – Defending the Gospel 

Marriage – The Spiritual Significance

The Millennium Reign – Exposing False Doctrine Part 1

The Millennium Reign – Exposing False Doctrine Part 2

The Millennium Reign – Exposing False Doctrine Part 3

The Millennium Reign – Exposing False Doctrine Part 4

Not Forsaken

Go and Preach the Gospel

The Poor Man is the Rich Man

Preaching Foolishness

Progression of the Faithful Remnant

The Promises of Christ Our Lord

Purpose and Application of God’s Wrath

Pursuing After the Midianites (Carnal Thoughts)

R, S, T

Raising the Dead to New Life

Raising Up of Gideon to Judge Israel 

Reaping Spiritual Death, a Trial of Faith

Rebuilding God’s Temple

Receiving a Full Reward in Christ – Comprehensive Study

Repentance from Dead Works

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Within Us

Restoration of the Land – Our Admonition #9

Resurrection from the Dead

A Special People Unto the Lord

Same Lump of Clay

Sects and Cults in the New Testament

Shunammite Woman Gives Birth

Special People Unto the Lord

The Sons of Aaron – Who they are and their role

Sovereignty Versus Free Will

Spiritual Lessons on Fire and Wood Burning

Spiritual Levites – Who do they represent?

Storms of our Lives

Suffering Outside the Camp

Today I have Begotten Thee

U, V, W

Vigilance and Gideon’s Army

War With the Midianites Kings

Warning Every Man

Water Turned Into Wine – The First Miracle

We Esteemed Him Not

What Prayers Are Answered

Who Has Believed Our Report?

Who is Responsible for Evil

Why God Gave Commandments Yet No Free Will

The Widow of Zarephath – A Parable

Wonderful Day of the Lord